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                語種選擇:中文版 ENGLISH
                Mechanical properties: 1 series by Pro/E precision computer design
                Studio size (MM): 700*420
                Stroke (mm) X/Y/Z/W:450*350*200*200
                Precision machine translation head zx-50A
                ABOUT US                 
                       Cheung NC - Mikelang technology working in the improvement and development of the cause of China's mold equipment, provide excellent production equipment and service platform for the mold enterprise circles in China. The company has first-class CNC equipment manufacturing plant, advanced technology, mainly manufacturing CNC machine tools, machine tool accessories, mold equipment etc.. Company which founded "Zhixiang" NC translational head series......
                CONTACT US     

                Address: Zhejiang province Shaoxing Shangyu officials industrial park after two Road No. 1
                Tel: +86-575-82218998
                Sales call: +86-575-82028998
                Fax: +86-575-82118398
                Cell phone: 13587380505
                Contact: Wu Youxiang
                              Wu Zhixiang

                Spark machine Forming machine 
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